Treasury :: Bureau of the Fiscal Service
Enterprise Data Architecture
PIR Standard Reporting Format Document Business Message

Data Exchange Listing
CheckReportingDetail [0..1]

Element Information
DefinitionContains the reporting check payment information.
Attribute Information
Attribute NameUseDataTypeDefinition
CheckSerialNumberrequired String [0, 15]Contains the serial number of a check; i.e., the number that typically resides in the top right-hand corner of a check.
IsVoidedCheckrequired 1|0Indicates whether the check has been voided in the process of printing.
CheckIssueDaterequired [0-9]{10}The date of payment inscribed on the check.
Technical Information
Schema versionurn:us:gov:treasury
Content ModelThe <CheckReportingDetail> element does not contain any further nested children elements.

For help, please contact the Treasury Bureau of the Fiscal Service Data Registry team.
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