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Enterprise Data Architecture
Agency Location Code Business Message

Data Exchange Listing
AccountingReportingStatus [0..4]

Element Information
DefinitionRepresents the metadata associated with GWA reporting status.
Attribute Information
Attribute NameUseDataTypeDefinition
ReportingStatusTimestampoptionalYYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS or may end in 'Z' to reflect UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)The date and time at which point the Reporting Status (Payment, Collection, or Intragovernmental Payments and Collections) record was created.
ReportingTransactionEffectiveDateoptional YYYY-MM-DDThe date upon which the Agency Location Code actually began (or will begin) reporting Payment transactions.
IsBusinessTransactionTypeReporteroptional 1|0Indicates whether this Agency Location Code is or will be a Payment reporter "1", or if this Agency Location Code is not a reporter "0".
BusinessTransactionTypeCodeoptionalPayment [Payment], Collection [Collection], IPC [Intragovernmental Payments and Collections], NTDOPMT [Non-Treasury Disbursing Office (NTDO) Payment]Indicates whether this record is either a Payment, Collection, Intragovernmental Payment and Collection (IPC), or Non-Treasury Disbursing Office (NTDO) Payment.
Technical Information
Schema versionurn:us:gov:treasury
Content ModelThe <AccountingReportingStatus> element does not contain any further nested children elements.

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