Credit Gateway

Getting Started

Agency eligibility

  1. All agencies that wish to receive Fedwire or ACH credit transactions must first have an Agency Location Code (ALC) established with the Government Wide Accounting (GWA) area of the Fiscal Service. For further information on setting up an ALC contact the Cash Accounting Division at (202) 874-7980.

  2. Agencies must contact the Settlement Services Division at (202) 874-5282 or (202) 874-5304 or to setup a new account in the Credit Gateway.

New account setup instructions

  1. Complete Credit Gateway New Account Setup Form.

  2. E-mail form to

  3. Settlement Services will submit the form to the Financial Agent, which will assign a new Credit Gateway account number.

  4. Settlement Services will provide the agency with the new Credit Gateway account number.

  5. If the agency is a GWA reporter they will setup their agency cash flow in the GWA Shared Accounting Module (SAM). Setup must include the new Credit Gateway account number as the Classification key (Ckey) value in SAM. You may contact the SAM Team at (877) 255-9033 or by e-mail at

  6. Accounts should be active in the Credit Gateway within 5 business days. Settlement Services will notify the agency once the new account is active. At that time agencies can provide the account to their customers and begin receiving payments through the Credit Gateway.


New Account Setup Form


GWA Cash Accounting Division
Phone: (202) 874-7980

Shared Accounting Module (SAM) Team
Phone: (877) 255-9033

   Last Updated:  March 14, 2014