Regulations & Guidance

2013 Draft TFM Manual

Appendices Number and Title

  1. Reclassified Financial Statement Line Item Descriptions Word File (109 KB)

  2. Sample Agency A Reclassification Entry Summary Word File (316 KB)

  3. Financial Report Notes Word File (510 KB)
       Financial Report Notes Instructions Word File (560 KB)

  4. Other Financial Report Data Word File (227 KB)
       Other Financial Report Data Instructions Word File (219 KB)

  5. Agency/Federal Trading Partner Department Codes for GFRS and FACTS I Word File (120 KB)

  6. Reciprocal Categories Crosswalk to Financial Statements Word File (72 KB)

  7. Federal Intragovernmental Transactions Categories of Reciprocal U.S. Government Standard General Ledger Proprietary Accounts Word File (231 KB)

  8. CFO Representations for Federal Intragovernmental Activity and Balances Word File (55 KB)

  9. Quarterly Agency IRAS Data File Submission-Description and Formats Word File (164 KB)

  10. Intragovernmental Transaction Guide Word File (3.12 MB)

  11. TFM Comment Form Word File (97 KB)
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