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In order to participate in the Card Acquiring Service, agencies must complete a Card Acquiring Service Application and submit it to Fiscal Service for approval.  An application is required for:

    1. Option 1Create New Account:  For agencies new to card processing and agencies wanting to begin card collections for a new cash flow; Application enables account set up with the acquiring bank and creation of Merchant ID(s).
    2. Option 2:  Adding Location(s) to an Existing Account:  For agencies adding a new merchant ID to an existing cash flow or account.

Agencies interested in setting up Internet card processing with must complete the Card Acquiring Service Application as well as the Form. Please also contact Implementation support at to schedule a kick-off call to begin set up.

Click here for the most up-to-date version of the Card Acquiring Service Application form.

Please complete the application electronically by typing into the form fields and checking the boxes provided on the Card Acquiring Service Application. 

When completed, return the Card Acquiring Service Application:

For questions about this form, please contact

Turnaround time for Fiscal Service application approval is approximately two weeks. Once approved by Fiscal Service, your application will be sent to Vantiv, formerly Fifth Third Processing Solutions, LLP, for account set up. It will take about a week for Vantiv to set up merchant accounts and your agency may be contacted with some additional questions. The total approximate time from application to set up should be approximately three weeks, at which point your new account information will then be provided to you.

   Last Updated:  October 07, 2014