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Training & Events Calendar

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All offsite Standard General Ledger (SGL) training courses that we provide are delivered exclusively at federal agency continental training facilities by means of interagency agreement. We do not host, sponsor, or deliver any federal financial management training courses at our home office location in Hyattsville, Maryland.

Training Facility Location

We no longer offer Open Enrollment financial education training classes at our home office in Hyattsville, Maryland.

If your government contracting or training officers need further information on the Standard General Ledger training courses that we can deliver at your federal training facilities, please send an email to Ronald Bollinger, or call (202)-874-9613.

Fiscal Year 2014

August 11-13 Use the link below to register on-line for the
2014 Bureau of the Fiscal Service
Annual Financial Management Conference
Register Online
    Last Updated:  March 21, 2014