Recipient Organizations: Equipment and Browser Requirements

1. With the implementation of the new system, what browser requirements and equipment are needed? will require users to have a browser that meets upgraded security requirements. Below is a list of the minimum browser requirements:

  • Minimum browser requirements:
    IE 6.0 (Recommended)
    Mozilla Firefox 1.5 or greater
    Mozilla 1.7 or greater
    Netscape 7.0

  • Not Recommended:
    IE 5.5 or lower

With, users cannot use group email addresses; they must have individual email addresses. uses your email address to send your initial user I.D. and important messages relating to the application. There are Internet sites that offer free email accounts where such users can obtain individual email addresses.

We have also found that some users do not accept email from the ASAP application. Users should ensure that their email service allows receipt of mail from the following address:

   Last Updated:  March 14, 2014