Important Notice:
We no longer offer Open Enrollment federal financial management training courses at our headquarters facility in Hyattsville, Maryland. We exclusively offer offsite federal financial management standard general ledger training courses to U.S. government agencies at their individual federal training centers and continental locations. Those government agencies interested in our delivering federal financial management courses at their training facilities should send an email to Ronald Bollinger.

Bureau of the Fiscal Service Annual Financial Management Conference

All conference registrations must be completed by visiting our website (Agency Accounting Division), filling out the on-line conference registration form, and then providing either a government or personal credit card as payment for the enrollment fee. We do not accept or process any other methods of enrollment or payment to attend the conference .

Upon your having filled out the online registration form and having paid by credit card to attend the conference, a email will be sent to you. If your unit credit card holder makes your conference online enrollment and credit card payment, the email will be sent to them. In this latter case, it is your unit credit card holder’s responsibility to furnish you with a copy of the email applicable to your conference enrollment and payment. The email that you or your unit credit card holder receives is the only communication that you will receive that validates your paid conference enrollment. The confirmation email will contain a Tracking Identification Number which is specifically attached to your name. It is your responsibility to bring a copy of the confirmation email with you to the conference and present it to the conference registrars to gain entry to the conference.

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Use the link below to register on-line for the
2014 Bureau of the Fiscal Service
Annual Financial Management Conference  $300.00
Register Online
August 11-13, 2014

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